The 2019 National Nutrition & Health Survey using SMART Methodology has commenced in Nigeria with Training of enumerators for Household Listing (HHL) exercise. The training was hosted by the National Bureau of Statistics at the Nations capital, Abuja on 12th November, 2019. Also in attendance are officers from SOML-PforR, State officers of National Bureau of Statistics & National Population Com

mission and the National Coordinator, GRID3 Project.

The 2019 SMART Survey is funded by the FMOH. The survey is a partnership between the FMOH and NBS with Technical support from UNICEF.

Overall coordination is provided by a Steering Committee with members from FMOH (SOML-PforR), NBS, UNICEF, Gates Foundation, World Bank, USAID, GRID3 Project among other stakeholders.

Final Report of the survey will be available 1st Quarter of 2020.