We have commenced the Pretest of Survey Instruments for the 2019 National Health Facility Survey in Keffi Nasarawa. In collaboration with NBS, WB, USAID, Gates Foundation, IHP, Global Fund & Departments & Agencies of FG – (NMEP, NTBLCP, NASCP, DPRS, DFH , LAB Services, NPHCDA, NACA), we would Review, Train Pretest enumerators and test the questionnaire on the field to get it ready for subsequent activities. This activity will last for 10 days (22-31 July, 2019). Next Major activities include: Training of Trianers (August), Zonal Training of Enumerators (August-September) & Data Collection (September onwards). 

States will be assessed based on the Quality of Care Index of 2019 NHFS compared with that of 2016 NHFS (baseline) and for each % increase from the Baseline attracts $25,000.