On Monday, July 9th the entire Saving One Million Lives- Program for Results (SOML-PforR) team embarked on a visit to Lafia, Nasarawa State to pay the Governor, Engr. Abdullahi Sule, a courtesy visit. 

The meeting began with an introduction of the Governor’s previous, bold statements regarding protecting the lives of children. Governor Engr Abdullahi Sule is known for intrepidly asserting, “If God wants to punish us, God doesn’t have to send fires or rainstorms. God will simply stop giving us children. However, the sight of a child shows God has not yet given up on man.” The Nasarawa state governor’s passionate sentiments about parents protecting and providing the basic necessities for their children ideally aligned with the subsequent presentation that was delivered by Dr. Ibrahim Kana on behalf of Saving One Million Lives- Program for Results. 

This meeting was attended by Nasarawa State Governor, Engr Abdullahi Sule, Deputy Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe, Secretary to the State Government, Special Advisers, Permanent Secretary MOH, Heads of Agencies, officials from State MOH & State Programme Manager, SOML-PforR 

The National Programme Manager, SOML-PforR, Dr. Ibrahim Kana, delivered a compelling presentation explaining the purpose and goals of Saving One Million Lives- Program for Results. Dr. Kana highlighted that SOML-PforR differs from any other government program existing in Nigeria because it only rewards states based on performance driven outputs. This significant factor has allowed states to determine their own fate, including Nasarawa. The attendees were reminded of the state’s performance history from 2016 where they made no improvements to 2018 when they earned 6.88 million US dollars. Dr. Kana informed the governor that the state has 6,548,000 US dollar, from SOML-PforR, currently waiting for them to request for. 

The Governor’s remarks were nothing short of unanimity with Dr. Kana’s presentation. Governor Sule showed a deep appreciation, due to his background in the private sector, for the program’s result based reward system. He articulated he was not a fan of free money and didn’t want it if there wasn’t work put in to attain it. In response to Dr. Kana’s statement about the state’s SOML-PforR money being instantaneously accessible, Governor Sule requested his team to bring up justification and develop a plan for expending the funds before putting in the request for funds release from FMOH. From Governor Sule’s opinions stated at the meeting, it seems his agenda in the health sector is aligned with the goals of Saving One Million Lives- Program for Results. 

The Saving One Million Lives- Program for Results team was overwhelmingly pleased with the Governor’s outlook and insights on the future of health in Nasarawa State. We look forward to seeing the state excel in the future.