The SOML-PforR National Programme Management Unit, on Friday, 10th of May, 2019 received the Edo State Health team led by the Honorable  Commissioner,  DR. David Osifo and the consultant  to the Edo state Governor, Lauren Parker, who are champions of the Edo State Health Improvement Programme (Edo HIP).

 The meeting was called at the instance of the Edo State honourable commissioner for health. Present at the meeting were the  Permanent Secretary, Executive Secretary state primary health care agency, SOML State programme Manager  and representatives of Lauren Parker (Dr. Uzo and Zainab).

Discussions centred around how Edo State can make reasonable improvement in all the SOML indicators to warrant them earn tangible amount of money during subsequent disbursements.

  Dr.  Uzo made a presentation on the ideas behind EDOHIP. She stated that the programme seeks to increase access to efficient, effective and sustainable quality health care services with the central focus of improving the health status and well being of the citizens. Their main areas of focus are Primary health care, Secondary health and Health financing. They seek to collaborate with SOML at the state level to achieve better results for the state.

 The national programme manager, DR. Ibrahim Kana after welcoming the team and expressed pleasure with the visit advised the state team to work closely together in synergy for them to achieve results. He said it is only wise and smart for SOML funds to be concentrated for use only on activities that will improve the indicators and strengthen the health system. Dr. Kana further admonished the state to adhere to the tenets of the program so that they can earn additional funds. He reminded the team that Edo made minimal improvement in the last four years where they earned less than one Million Dollars when other states earned as much as Twenty Eight Million Dollars.   

Dr. Ibrahim Kana stated that SOML is an investment programme. The sooner  the state invest in the right activities, the better the results, the greater the improvement and higher the earnings – that is SOML. 

The national programme manager also reiterated the willingness of  Irrua Teaching Hospital to collaborate with the State by adopting some Primary Health Care facilities; which at the moment the University of Benin teaching hospital has also pledged same with the Executive Governor,  Dr. Obaseki. This arrangement if properly executed will result in the hospitals sending resident Doctors to the health facilities to deliver quality services and community outreaches. The commissioner responded that he is very much aware and that MOUs will be signed to spell out the terms of reference for the engagement. 

The national programme manager again urged that all the various stakeholders should see one another as one team working towards achieving the same goal; If this is absent, then the physiological concept of antigen-antibody response will occur. Meaning that those in the Ministry will begin to see other stakeholders outside the Ministry as antibodies and resist them. He encouraged the honourable commissioner to continue to sail the ship and carry all stakeholders along. 

The Executive Secretary of the primary health care agency thanked the national programme manager for his good advise and pledged to continue to give her support and collaboration to the leadership of the ministry. The Permanent Secretary expressed his happiness and thanked the national programme manager for all his advice. Lauren  Parker also thanked the national programme manager and his team and pledged to support the state to improve the quality of health services. 

The honourable commissioner appreciated the national programme manager and wished for such meeting to occur often.