Katsina State SOML team paid a courtesy visit to the office of the SOML-PforR National Programme Management Unit today.

It was noted that Katsina State made significant financial earnings in the first year of disbursement in 2016/17, but made no earnings in the second year of disbursement in 2018.

Disappointed with their results, Katsina state’s Permanent Secretary, State Program Officer, and the state Director of Finance came to confer how to improve in the upcoming National Health Facility and Smart survey scheduled for this year.

Dr. Ibrahim Kana informed the State team on how to beneficially invest the money Katsina has earned from the first disbursement.

These suggestions included using the money to kickstart a Basic Health Care Provision fund, putting more money into SERICC to boost immunization coverage and conducting a well impactful and focused MNCH Weeks.

Even though Katsina offers free antenatal and children under 5 care, their results didn’t reflect any improvement.

Dr. Kana further explained that there is need to repurpose funds towards improving the 6 key indicators and DLIs so as to make meaningful positive impact and improvement on the health sector.

Dr. Kana assured the state team that soon the Honourable Minister will approve for more funds to be disbursed to the state in tranches out of the balance of their first earnings.

Delighted with the visit and reception, the permanent secretary pledged to ensure that it will no more be business as usual. Henceforth, things must be done right to achieve better results.