A meeting between the national PMU and representatives of the Bill and Malinda Gate Foundation (BMGF) who came all the way from USA with the objective of strengthening partnership between the Gate Foundation and the national program management unit of the SOML-PforR in Nigeria, most especially in the areas of surveys.

The meeting was attended by:

  1. Dr. Ibrahim Kana                 –     NPM, SOML-PforR
  2. Dr. Benjamin Lovinsohn      –     World Bank3.
  3. Dr. Ritgak                            –     World Bank
  4. Williams Sambisa                –     SPO, BMGF
  5. Benson Obonyo                 –       SPO, BMGF
  6. Dr. Ojuolape Solanke         –        SPO, SOML-PforR
  7. Dr. Chima Elenwune            –     SPO, SOML-PforR
  8. Dr. Jibrin Suleiman             –         SPO, SOML-PforR
  9. Lawrence Odidi             –         SPO, SOML-PforR